Athlete’s Pledge

    As a condition of registration for LIG and/or ANZ IG, you accept the

    • In order to participate in LIG and/or ANZ IG, you must be an Ismaili
      Muslim, (including partners and children of multi-faith Ismaili
      Families) residing in the Australia, New Zealand or PNG for which you
      have registered and you may only represent one (National Council)

    • Athletes should be dressed in their approved uniforms or in appropriate
      sports attire while at the tournament site.

    • If a team is unprepared to play at their scheduled time, the event
      coordinator and officials may declare a forfeit as specified in the
      General Rules & Regulations and/or Sports specific rules.

    • Athletes must respect the umpire, referee’s, and officials’ decisions at
      all times. If there is a dispute to be handled, only the team’s captain
      may approach the respective official. A positive attitude, gentle
      inquiry and reasonable requests are appreciated over offensive lines of
      questioning, rude comments, and complaints. No arguments with the
      officials or scorekeepers will be permitted. Players risk being
      disqualified from the tournament by arguing with officials. All protests
      can be put in writing in the officials’ score sheet.

    • Athletes must refrain from using unfitting language at all times.
      Swearing, improper gestures and discriminatory remarks will not be
      accepted. Foul language or fighting will not be tolerated and will lead
      to disciplinary actions.

    • There is a Zero (“0”) tolerance policy on possession or consumption of
      alcohol, possession of weapons, possession or illegal use of drugs, and
      engaging in inappropriate behavior. Each athlete is responsible to make
      wise choices and maintain proper behavioral conduct at all times.

    • Athletes must respect borrowed or rented property; this includes hotel
      rooms, sports equipment, and event site (fields, gyms, toilets, change
      rooms, cafeteria, etc.).

    • Violations of the above policies will lead to one or more of the
      following disciplinary actions for the individual and/or team:

      • Personal suspension from Sports Tournament activities;

      • Informing and involving parents for athletes under the age of 18;

      • Deduction of points for the team/individual/doubles sports;

      • Team/individual/doubles pair suspension;

      • Payment to reimburse the cost of repairing damaged property;

      • Disqualification from the sport; and/or

      • Disqualification from the tournament.