May 2022.

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The Ismaili eSports segment, which is under the umbrella of the Jubilee Games, will consist of a multitude of activities that build on each other and culminate in a competitive and non-competitive tournament. The competition serves as a means to an end and not an end in itself. The Ismaili eBasketball Cup will entail the following components
Coming Together, Competing Together

Through a popular gaming format, eSports offers Jamats across geographies and cultures, the opportunity to congregate digitally, to celebrate excellence in eSports

Education, Learning and Growth

Content that educates and inculcates responsible online behavior, creates a deeper understanding of the “digital world”, digital etiquette and “parental controls”

Role Model Awareness

Feature athletes, from within the Jamat, to share their stories and successes to build awareness and aspiration!

Having Fun

Introduces non-competitive categories to include families to engage various segments of the Jamat, specifically the Youth



Resources to Ensure Participant Safety When Playing Online

There are several helpful resources that provide details on the best settings and controls to ensure you optimize your safety when playing online. These include parental controls, community code of conducts, and much more.

Minimum Age Requirement to Play NBA 2K21?

  • 2K Sports requires participants to be or over the age of 13 to utilize online services.
  • Other age requirements vary by the platform and country of the participant.
  • It is advised & recommended that participants under the age of 18 receive parental consent.

Waiver Forms and/or Parental Consent

  • It is recommended that participants under the age of 18 receive parental consent.
  • All participants should submit a waiver allowing for release of liability and provide consent to share their contact information, and highlights of the event i.e. pictures and videos.
  • Jurisdictions should consult with their respective Legal teams for appropriate guidance on design and implementation of waiver forms and retain them per your jurisdiction policy and guidelines.

Registration Process

Registration will be conducted through a centralized process on the.ismaili/esports website

Registration Requirements

  • Basic contact information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Confirmation that the participant has the required technical hardware
  • Participating category (Junior/Adult/Team)
  • Specification of platform being used (PC/XBOX/PS4)
  • Gamertag/Username (identifies their online account)
  • Date of birth
  • Jurisdiction
  • Time Zone and/or regional jurisdiction within the country
  • Privacy release & waiver upload
  • Photo release and permission to broadcast gameplay
  • Languages spoken
  • Confirmation to adhere to the participant rules and code of conduct

What Are the Different Categories Offered for Global eSports?

  • Adults (Age 18+)
  • Junior (Age 13-17)

Important Documents

Code of Conduct
Rules and Regulations